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THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN POLITICAL COMMUNICATION IN INDONESIA | Supriadi | Proceeding International Conference on Media and Communications in Southeast Asia


Supriadi Supriadi


The role of mass media in the context of political communication has a very important
role, it is in accordance with the process of political transformation of the authoritative towards
the reform is no doubt its existence. Freedom of expression as the basis for the formation of
democratic citizens' lives, the mass media has a very important role in the delivery of political
messages to society significantly. The mass media has a wide range of advantages and reaches,
so that the public will directly influence the reception of messages, in addition to the mass
media can influence the community about what they think is very important. The mass media
can not determine what to think about, but it can affect what to think about. By choosing certain
news and ignoring other news, the mass media will form a positive image among the public.
With the involvement of the mass media in the development of political systems and democracy
in Indonesia certainly is needed by the community.
Political transformation became part of the mass media contribution and the media
had a huge contribution in building the understanding of society, so that its inner political
behavior would respond to post-new political change, as media workers confronted a dynamic
realm of politics. Such conditions will bring about a change in political behavior among the
public. One of the determinant factors is the media publication that preaches the political
transformation and the press has the freedom of expression, so through the news that tend to be
independent. This is what lies behind the change of political behavior in Indonesia. Various
problems that exist can accompany the pattern and intensity of politics among the community
background by the massive influence of mass media, it is very interesting and can be observed
in the academic paradigm. With the political transformation, it can contribute to the mass media
because there will be a change of political behavior among the public that will give birth to
publications in the media to support freedom of expression so that in the news can be carried
out independently. This is supported by qualitative methods by conducting interviews on
educated and politically aware societies. The media in political communication has a very
important role because it is as a political publicity to the public.

Keywords: Mass Media, Political Communication, Indonesia

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