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MOVING JOURNALISTS' DISCOURSE WHEN FACING THE POWER STRUCTURE | Dwi N | Proceeding International Conference on Media and Communications in Southeast Asia


Susilastuti Dwi N, Hermin Indahwahyuni, Munawar Achmad


Journalists are free of selecting diction for their journalistic works. The selected
diction is theirstrategyto make investigation to the power structure. It has symbolic meaning or hidden message to the ruler and its claims to public interests as well. Otherwise, media where journalists work also become part of political system where the media exist. News reporting published in media becomes instrument to respond the structure of power which has done the
abuse of power, arbitariness and others. The journalists here have role as the active agency to respond the structure,the contentiousness appears higher than before. The purpose of this study is to know how the strategy of journalists in responding to the structure. The qualitative descriptive research discusses the journalists' writing related to the prosecution case of the Bernas journalist, Late Fuad M Syafruddin. This study uses the Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) method. CDA not focusing on the truth of untruthful grammar structures. Analysis emphasizes more on the constellation of forces that occur in the production process and the reproduction of meaning. The language user is not regarded as a neutral subject, as it is strongly influenced by the forces present in society. Language is not understood as a neutral medium located outside the speaker's self. Based on the research results, the language used by the agency has encouraged the power structure to explain the background of the cause of the
persecution of journalist Bernas M. Fuad Syafruddin. The agency provides information that is different from that conveyed by the power structure. From formal juridis, the Udincase does not finish yet but defacto the power structure has admitted some involvement of the power structure. The reporting of the prosecuted journalist of Daily Newspaper Bernas Fuad Muhammad Syarifuddin caused the power structure to give high response to the investigation of
the indicated party. The displaced cause of the prosecuted reporter from the indicated news coverage to the Other Dream Woman indicates some contentiousness between the journalists and the power structure.


Keywords: journalists; agency; power structure; contentiousness; journalistic language

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