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NEUTRALITY AND MEDIA CONTROL ON 2014 ELECTION | Amina | Proceeding International Conference on Media and Communications in Southeast Asia


Nurtyasih Wibawanti Ratna Amina


Media is one of the tools of political publicity to the wider community in order to know the political agenda and get sympathy for the party / candidate. Any communicator or political activist will try to master the media, a way to win the hearts of the people one of them by using the political strategy of "imaging". This strategy accentuates the attitude and positive nature of a leader of the State in order to get the attention of the people and get the hearted room of the people.
In the politics of imaging can not be separated from the role of media that spread info on the people. As in the sentence quote, "who controls the media then he will rule the world". This shows how important media influence in political strategy. Mass media is often referred to as the fourth estate in socio-economic life, because of the role perception that can be generated by the mass media in relation to the development of socio-economic and political life of the community. As a tool for delivering news, judgments or a general description of many things, the media has the ability to act as an institution that can shape public opinion. While the mass media conglomeration by political party players is increasingly leaving basic
tasks to be neutral / impartial, presenting the truth, being the voice of the people, having the balance of news, keeping the news objective, keeping the newsmen good news and so on. The neutrality of the news can no longer be expected and the audience will be presented with impressions that are repetitive images of candidates of political players. Repetition of information done continuously and in a long time step will be able to cause understanding / justification of the information and gave birth to new beliefs.

Keywords ; Neutrality and media; Election 2014; Political agenda; Imaging

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